about Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is thought to be a descendant of the domestic cats that were the first to arrive in North America. The Maine Coon is known for their size boasting the largest breed in the domestic cat domain they are slow to mature taking around 4-5 years. The Maine Coon can be long or medium haired depending on where you live and your climate. The coat is soft and silky and comes in variety of colors some of these include black, silver, red, blue, white in either tabby or solid pattern with the allowance of any eye color. It has been recorded that the average life span is 13 years, I would think with the right exercise and diet that your Maine Coon would see 15 years. Again records say the average weights of a Maine Coon male is around 7-10 kg and females 5-8 kg fat doesn't mean big.



The Maine Coon is a very loyal companion and has a very unique personality with unlimited love and affection for their owners especially children which they adore. They are curious smart and clever and very easy to train. They will learn tricks including fetching, shake hand and walking on a harness their feet are used like we us our hands for every thing they do including eating and playing. They are great with other animals this would include the family dog if raised together or even the pet bird. They will stay by their owners when visitors are around and can be cautious but never mean until trust is established with strangers but this doesn't mean they won't show off and be the entertainment at dinner time or social occasions.

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Maine Coons love to be with the family but if left alone will occupy themselves with out being destructive so the furniture you love is safe. When the owners return a Maine Coon will greet you with plenty of chirping which is what they are known to do more so than a meow. They have their little behavior quirks some of them being there resemblance to a dogs nature and loyalty.  They can never just drink from a bowl with out testing the temperature with there feet or walk away from food unless it has to be buried.  They have a fascination with water finding a sink or bath full of water is just too hard to resist even in the winter months. Maine Coons are fun loving no questions asked gentle giant of the feline world that will delight and entertain you and be very much a part of the family home. If you are lucky enough to be owned by more then one Maine Coon they are content to play, sleep and eat together in harmony and the mix of personalities is entertainment plus every minute of the day.



The Maine Coon is typically a healthy and hardy breed that have adapted to many climates around the world. and good health will always be one of our primary goals which is why our breeding cats are tested for genetic disorders such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and Hip Dysplasia (HD) which is a possibility in all felines. Our cats have close veterinary supervision naturally including all necessary vaccinations, testing and routine examinations including annual dental care. We choose to be a closed cattery to reduce the health risks of our cats and their home environment.



From the Greek wording 'poly' meaning 'many' and 'dactyl' meaning 'digit' so the presence of more than the usual number of digits (toes)The Maine Coon Polydactyls are pre-axial with the extra digits(s) on the thumb side of the foot either the front only (2WD) or the back as well (4WD). The gene for polydactyls (Pd) is a simple autosomal single dominant gene, which has shown to pose no threat to the cat's health and is a harmless naturally occurring trait. The Maine Coon Pd gene is an entirely harmless form of polydactyl and should not be confused with the Syndactyly (Sp) gene which causes split foot.


The trait was almost eradicated from the breed due to the fact that it was an automatic disqualifier in show rings but that soon changed when breeders and private organizations were created to keep polydactyls in Maine Coons from disappearing. The Maine Coon Polydactyl in New Zealand is given equal show status but in Australia it is unacceptable by competition standards but hopefully this will change in the near future. The Maine Coon Poly has always been a part of this natural breed and they have stolen many hearts the thought of non existence would be an injustice to the breed.